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Straightening ReBound Cream

Resistant Hair Cream

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Rebond Cream

Resistant Hair

Unlock Resilience with our ReBond Cream: Hydrant Safe Complex, Cationic Technology for deep repair, and Wheat Protein for exceptional gloss and shine.

Hydrant-Safe Complex

Cationic Technology For Amino Acids For Deep Repair Keratin For Permanent Conditioning

Wheat Protein For Exceptional

Gloss & Shine

Introducing our Straightening ReBound Cream, the go-to option for getting sleek, straight hair that lasts. This resistant hair lotion, which contains a special Hydrant Safe Complex, guarantees that all hair types may be straightened safely and effectively.

Our cream is enriched with amino acids, which promote deep healing by strengthening your hair from inside and minimising damage caused by heat styling and environmental stresses. Additionally, Keratin provides permanent conditioning, making your hair silky, soft, and frizz-free.

Our Straightening ReBound Cream, packed with Wheat Protein, provides the maximum gloss and shine. Say goodbye to unmanageable hair and welcome to perfectly straightened locks that exude health and energy.

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Smooth Strands, Confident Style: Your Ultimate Straightening Solution.

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