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Keratin smoothing



Collagen Amino Acid Hemp and Berry Oil, combined with Nano-Keratin and Soy Protein, creates an ultra-smooth solution. 0% formaldehyde, professional-grade for damaged hair, adds lustre.

0% Fomaldehyde

Collogen Amino Acid Hemp Essential & Berry Oil Infused with Nana-Keratin Wheat Protein & Say Protein

No Smell | No Smoke | No Irritation

Treatment for Damaged & Chemical  Hairs Gives Extra Shine & Smoothness to Hairs

For Professional Use Only

Introducing our Keratin Smoothing Treatment, a revolutionary way to get smooth, frizz-free hair without the use of formaldehyde. This treatment is infused with a potent combination of Collagen Amino Acid, Hemp Essential Oil, and Berry Oil, as well as Nano-Keratin, Wheat Protein, and Soy Protein, and is intended to repair and strengthen damaged and chemically treated hair.

Our Keratin Smoothing Treatment has a dramatic effect on your hair by deeply into the shaft, smoothing out rough textures and restoring vitality. Our composition contains 0% formaldehyde, ensuring a safe and irritation-free experience with no unpleasant odours or smoke.

Our Keratin Smoothing Treatment provides the ultimate hair rejuvenation experience. With each treatment, you will notice a significant change in your hair’s softness, smoothness, and manageability. Our professional-grade treatment will leave you with beautifully straightened locks instead of frizz.

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Embrace Silky Perfection: Transform Your Locks with Keratin Smoothening.

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