Clarifying Shampoo

Smoothing Treatment

Deep Cleansing

Use After All Hair Treatment

Rebalanced, Detoxified Scalp and Moisturized Ends

Helps in Straightening Hairs (Upto 50 to 60%)

Gives Extra Shine & Smoothness to Hairs

Clarifying Shampoo
Post Shampoo

Post Shampoo 


Sulphate Free

Use After All Types Of Hair Treatment

Nanoplastia Treatment, Keratin Treatment, Protein Treatment, Botox Treatment.

Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil

Post Conditioner


Sulphate Free

Use After All Types Of Hair Treatment

Nanoplastia Treatment, Keratin Treatment

Protein Treatment, Botox Treatment,

Hyaluronic Acid And Argan Oil

For Professionals Use Only

Post conditioner
Smoothing Shampoo

Smoothing Shampoo 


Anti – Dryness

For Strong, Soft & Shiny Hair

  • Protein Shampoo
  • Makes Hair Soft & Silky
  • Stronger & Healthier Hair

Smoothing Conditioner


Intense Moisturization

For Strong, Soft & Shiny Hair

  • Protein Conditioner
  • Makes your Hair Stronger & Healthier Hair
  • Makes Hair Silkier

Only For Professional Use

Smoothing Conditioner
Hair drops

Drops Hair Care

Anti – Graying

100% Natural actives

Suitable for all hair types

Helps in Controlling Grey Hairs for Teenagers


Hair Spa 

Hyaluronic Acid And Argon Oil

Rapidly Repairs & Nourishes damaged Hair

Gives It Beautiful & Radiant Shine

For Professionals Use Only

Enriched with Guar Gum & Vitamin-E, this cream makes the hair luxuriously shiny, soft, nourished and conditioned while adding a natural bounce on your hairs.


Hair Spa
hair mask

Hair Mask

Hyaluronic Acid And Argan Oil

Rapidly Repairs & Nourishes Damaged Hair

Gives it Beautiful & Radient Shine



Sweet Almond – Cotton Seed – Rice

For Shiny, Silky & Stronger Hair

Boosting Hair Regrowth with Intense Nutrients & Infused Formula

Hair serum


Hair Essential

Invigorates Hair Roots

Ease out Tangles

Reduce Breakage

100% Natural actives | Suitable for all hair types

Hair oil Herbal
Active Herbs


Smooth | Strong | Shining

For Hairfall & Dandruff Free Hair 




0% Formaldehyde

Infused with Nano-Keratin / Collagen / Amino Acids /  Sea Buckethorn Berry Oil

No Smell | No Smoke | No Irritation

Trending Products

Trending Products

Achieve flawless hair effortlessly with our trending products. Restore balance with our Neutralizer, tame frizz with our Smoothing Conditioner, and unlock smooth perfection with our Keratin treatments. Strengthen and shine with Fiberplax Keratin. Elevate your beauty routine with ease.



“I’ve been using D7 Professionals hair care products for months and love the results: smooth, shiny, healthy hair with less breakage. The products smell great, have top-notch ingredients. Highly recommend for hair transformation. Thanks, D7 Professionals!”

Akshita Sharma


“D7 Professionals’ straightening hair cream is a game changer! Lightweight, damage-free, and chemical-free, it adds shine and strength to curly hair, delivering salon results at home. Highly recommended for effective, healthy hair care.”

Neha Mishra


“D7 Professionals’ smoothing hair cream and spa treatment is a revelation! This dual-action product effortlessly smooths frizz, while its spa-like ingredients rejuvenate hair from within. Experience silky, revitalized locks with every use. A must-have for luxurious, hassle-free hair care!”

Disha Tiwari

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